The 1st Annual Pop Culture Tales Holiday Movie Festival Schedule 2012

Welcome to the 1st Annual Pop Culture Tales Holiday Movie Festival. First, I give you a brief history on how this festival came to be. There are so many great movies to see in a lifetime that I felt there needed to be a conscious effort for film lovers like me to see as many of these amazing films as possible. As a movie lover, this point really hit home for me after recently seeing some really bad movies.  Using the book 501 Must-See Movies as my guide, here is the film festival schedule for the 2012 holiday season. Some of these movies I have seen already and some I have yet to see. Like a book club, I invite you to also watch as many of these films as possible from where ever you are. I will be sharing my reviews on this site. I invite you to share your thoughts as well.


Date: Film: Genre: Release Date: Director: Running Time: IMDB Rating:
December 15 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Action/Adventure & Epic 2000 Ang Lee 120 min 7.9/10
December 16 Lost in Translation Comedy 2003 Sofia Coppola 101 min 7.8/10
December 17 Atonement Drama 2007 Joe Wright 123 min 7.8/10
December 18 The Evil Dead Horror 1981 Sam Raimi 85 min 7.6/10
December 19 Once Musical 2006 John Carney 85 min 7.9/10
December 20 Before Sunrise Romance 1995 Richard Linklater 105 min 8/10
December 21 The Terminator Science Fiction & Fantasy 1984 James Cameron 107 min 8.1/10
December 22 The Bourne Identity Mystery & Thriller 2002 Doug liman 119 min 7.9/10
December 23 Joyeux Noel War 2005 Christian Carion 116 min 7.7/10
December 24 No Country For Old Men Western 2007 Ethan Coen & Joel Coen 122 min 8.2/10
December 25 Miracle on 34th Street Holiday 1947 George Seaton 96 min 7.9/10
December 26 Un Conte de Noel Holiday 2008 Arnaud Desplechin 150 min 7.1/10
December 27 The Last Emperor Action/Adventure & Epic 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci 163 min 7.8/10
December 28 Knocked Up Comedy 2007 Judd Apatow 129 min 7.2/10
December 29 Volver Drama 2006 Pedro Almodovar 121 min 7.6/10
December 30 Dawn of the Dead Horror 1978 George A. Romero 127 min 8/10
December 31 Fame Musical 1980 Alan Parker 134 min 6.4/10
January 1 Slumdog Millionaire Romance 2008 Danny Boyle 120 min 8.1/10
January 2 Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Science Fiction & Fantasy 1982 Nicholas Meyer 113 min 7.7/10
January 3 Cache (Hidden) Mystery & Thriller 2005 Michael Haneke 117 min 7.3/10
January 4 The Hurt Locker War 2009 Kathryn Bigelow 131 min 7.7/10
January 5 There Will Be Blood Western 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson 158 min 8.1/10

About Terry Gale

I am Brand Story Director with the MarkBrand Group where I play a key role in the development of the Group's brand learning and coaching programs. I also have an extensive background in human resources and communications, including employer branding. I am an experienced presenter and speaker, as well as a writer and director in film and theatre.

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