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Have You Discovered Your Glee?

“Everybody wants to be somebody.” Glee is about a high school teacher who wants to be responsible for the High School Glee Club and rediscovers his passion. It is here that he can truly be himself and have an impact on the lives of his students. The students in the Glee Club seem, on the surface, to be the outcasts—the misfits of the school. Each one though has a unique gift or talent. When they are on stage, they shine.

Glee is about being yourself even when the whole world wishes you were someone else.” It is about not being afraid to stand out and be different. It is about embracing your unique gifts and talents and sharing them with the world.

Glee is about people coming together and creating a club—a community of like-minded individuals.  Through unification, people have the power to express themselves and find their voices—they have the courage to be everything they were meant to be. “Being part of something special, makes you special.”

Above all, Glee is jubilantly delightful.

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